The Water Reference Center (WRC) is a partnership between the Founding Members who share a common interest and wish to realize the Dream of waking up in a world without any water related problems, by focusing on the following areas:
To mobilize relevant resources, such as financial funding and forming alliances to enhance the achievement of the objectives.
To promote awareness on water through information, training and education.
To coordinate and implement projects related to the production and purifying of water, access to water, storage of water, and/or water management.
To coordinate and facilitate technology research and developments in water related areas, i.e. evaluating existing technologies and conducting new research and development on water related issues.
To collect and analyse existing practices, identify needs and share the acquired knowledge in production, management and distribution of water related technology and services.

We are working on


Sea Wells

Developing a new method for desalination of seawater and brackish water


This project focuses on the development of a new method for desalination which is based on the known principle of applying a vacuum to increase the evaporation rate of the water. The concept differs from the currently available concepts like reverse osmosis and multi stage flash evaporation by the design and implementation of the main components, the pump and condenser.

The result should be a less complicated installation with a lower energy usage.


Heaven Wells

On various locations around the world clouds are present around mountains slopes most of the days


Over the years several attempts have been made to collect the water available in these clouds. The currently most applied method uses nets to catch the water droplets present in the cloud or fog moving along the nets. This is already being used in a number of projects around the world.

This technique is very much depending on good maintenance practice together with the necessity of having spare parts available, something that is quite difficult to organize in poor country circumstances.

A technology available to Water Maker BV may increase the amount of water that can be collected by such a system. The proof of concept for this technology is shown in a different application which removes water droplets from an air stream.


Air Wells

The project focuses on generating water from air


Everywhere on earth the atmosphere contains an amount of water vapor. By cooling down the air the water vapor can be extracted from the air, like an air conditioner dries the air. Most currently existing products/concepts use ventilators for moving the air and a separate condenser for cooling the air.

During this project new components and technologies will be developed to design a new concept which outperform the existing products/concepts. Aim is to use mechanical components that can be maintained/replaced locally to increase reliability.

Founding partners