Mr. Chrystold Chetty
Chairman of the Board | Chairman of the Finance Commission IFRC (International Federation of Red Crosses and Red Crescents) | Chairman Chetty Foundation
Mr. Abbas Gullet
Treasurer of the Board | Secretary General, Kenya Red Cross
Mr. Ruud Koornstra
Secretary of the Board

Ms. Barbara Carolus
Board member | Secretary General, Seychelles Red Cross
Mr. Rolph Payet
Board member | Dean Seychelles University
Mr. Paul Borms
Board member | Shareholder KPGCV


Mr. Klaas Proesmans
CEO Water Reference Center | Shareholder KPGCV
Mr. Taco Neeb
CTO Water Reference Center

Mr. Koen Cartuyvels
Mr. Chris Dijk


Founding partners